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Monday, 31 May 2010

Wolves Angels and Dragons

Sounds like a synopsis from a Harry Potter book but this is just a selection of beers and brewers from my latest reviews.
With names like this the oppurtunity is there for some decoractive bottle labels and these did not dissapoint. We have Golden Jackal from the Wolf brewery, Howlin Red Ale from Fallen Angel and Double Dragon from Felinfoel.

Golden Jackal

The Wolf brewery can be found in the village of Besthorpe central Norfolk and have been brewing since 1995. Founded by Wolfe Witham (obvious choice of name then) who's passion for producing quality ales was first realised in his hugely popular Reindeer brewpub in Norfolk. Major investment in 2006 saw them move to their current site from where they are trying to get the upperhand in the competetive East Anglia market.
Golden Jackal unsuprisingly pours a rich gold with a lacey white foam. A 3.7% abv session beer has a pleasant sweet malt aroma with pepper and berry fruit notes. Citric bitterness on the palate but nothing too dominating. Leaves a pleasant dry mouthfeel with a floral finish. This is not an impact beer but is certainly refreshing and a good beer to start a session on. Taking this beer in context I score it a solid 3.5 out of 5.

Howlin Red Ale
Fallen Angel are microbrewers based in East Hoathly, East Sussex. These unassuming brewers are making waves with their diverse range of ales and their provocatives artwork. With a range that encompasses Lemon Weissbier a dunkel bock and even a chilli beer these aren't your average traditional English brewers. I wasn't so brave to try a chilli beer so I opted for this potent 6.4% abv amber-red ale. Pouring with a red tinted head that fades quickly this is a deceptively light bodied beer. A sweet aroma somewhat reminiscent of a floral tea. The palate is met by a very tangy fruitiness with elements of apple and honey.  A very bitter finish leaves mouth feeling a little too dry. The high level of alcohol is apparent with a biting kick. Slightly peculiar beer but not wholey un-satisfying 3 out of 5.

Double Dragon
Felinfoel takes it's name from the Welsh village that is home to this long established Welsh brewery. Founded by David John in 1878 the brewery has remained an independant family concern ever since. They have their place in history as being the First British Brewers to put their beers in cans.
Double Dragon is a 4.2% traditional British ale. Amber in colour pours with a rich velvety head. Toffee sweetness and citrus fruit on the nose. A smooth medium bodied beer with hints of apple and grapes. A nutty pleasantness finishes with light bitterness. A satisfying easy drinking beer I score at 3.5 out of 5.

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  1. You write a good review mate, i have been trying to see what i can smell and taste etc when trying new beers for myself, but i have to admit i am finding it hard to distinguish tastes and flavours. Still the beers are nice so its not all bad.


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