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Friday, 14 May 2010


I love Beer, no I really Love Beer, No I really really LOVE Beer. Lets face it if you are reading a Beer Blog you probably do too. There are many many others out there too and some of you Blog aswell. I am a Newbie and I am very nervous about this first post because I don't want to turn people off before I get going, so please stick with me and give me a chance to find my footing. My thirst  for new Beers has grown with momentum over recent years as has my thirst for Knowledge. My heroes in the world of Beer writing are Pete Brown and Michael Jackson who's books have been an invaluable source of information and entertainment. I enjoy many different styles of Beer whether it's traditional English Ales, hop Packed IPA's, Wheat Beers, Lambics or Stouts. I am always looking to sample something new and diverse.  I plan to review any Beers of interest that I sample, review my own brews and chart the progress I make in developing my skills. I will sound off on subjects that are close to my heart and try to provide interesting information relating to the world of Beer.

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