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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kettering Beer Festival

This weekend sees the return of the Kettering Beer Festival organised by the Kettering Rotary Club and Kettering Rugby Club. The event takes place on the grounds of the rugby club at the end of Waverley Rd in Kettering. This beer festival is a particular favourite of mine, not because it offers over 50 real ales or it raises large amounts of money for local causes, but because it takes place about 30 metres from my house. Now if I wasn't a beer lover I might not enjoy the prospect of drunken revellers gathering so close to my home but as I will be one of them I shant complain! The good thing about this event as opposed to other events held on the grounds it is inhabited by real ale lovers and every one knows real ale lovers aren't the types to get rat-arsed and go looking for trouble.
 This is the 4th year the event has been held and previous years have been a great success. A musical act is provided each evening and we even have an oompah band appearing! There is always a good choice of ales from local breweries and from farther afield. My only criticism would be that they could do more to make it family friendly and put on something to entertain the children.
The first night is tomorrow Thursday the 3rd and it runs till Sunday but I wouldn't expect many ales to be left by then. I will be making a couple of appearnces there and will give a report next week.

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  1. We are fortunate to live so close to this arent we! Hopefully the weather will hold out for both days i attend...


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