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Monday, 17 May 2010

Stag Do

My friend of many years is getting married soon to his girlfriend of many years and Mother of his two beautiful Daughters. Saturday was time for the obligatory Stag Do. The afternoon was spent accumulating injuries and bruises while taking part in the masochistic sport of Paintball. After returning home for a shower, counting bruises and strapping up my knee (I was in no way one the oldest there but I do feel I am getting too old for that lark) we met up in the town for some food and the start of our drinking session at 5:30. I do love my Beer but I do usually drink moderately and it has been a few years since I have emabarked on a drinking session like this one that was to last about 8 hours. I would normally pace myself, you can't enjoy Beer when you are knecking it but there was no chance of that after somebody had the bright idea of all putting in a kitty (no animals were harmed in the making of this session.) The problem with this set-up is the fastest drinker dictates the pace and as most of the guys were drinking fizzy Australian piss it was quite some pace. I did manage to exert influence over the choice of drinking establishment for the first part of the session so we got a few cask ales in but as the evening carried on we were frequenting the trendier plastic pubs that serve a choice of some extra smooth and nothing else. At this point I was drinking Bottles of Corona (B.O.G.O.F.) so good they stick lime in the top to disguise the taste or Bulmers which although slightly better is far too fizzy.
The cask ales i did consume were the ever dependable London Pride from Fullers which although served in a run down pub was in great shape. I also enjoyed a Black Sheep Bitter a very nice session ale which slipped down nicely. I had a few pints of Marstons EPA, my first beer served from a 'Fast Cask' I have to say I didn't notice any difference in the quality to other Cask beers so it gets the thumbs up from me. A very pleasant Blonde Beer with Orangey citrus notes and a nice bitter after kick. A nice Caramely malt presence but a little thin in body with poor head retention. Very sessionable and one I will happily return to in the future. The only beer of any quality during the rest of the evening was a Wheat beer served in the Wetherspoons but I was too far gone by that point to even remember it's name.
All in all a good evening even if the beer choice was not always what I would have liked it to be and a hangover from hell was experienced the next morning (it was a stag-do it wouldn't be right if I didn't suffer)


  1. Nice article mate, can we expect to see in pubs from now on with a note book as you review your findings of new beer? I look forward to reading more as I take my first steps as a "real ale" drinker. Your reconmendations have been spot on so far. :)

  2. There may well be a little notepad in my back pocket but I may go in the lav before I write up, don't want to look too much of a geek! Thanks for the comments and glad to be of assistance in training up future Ale drinkers.

  3. I am not a big fan of Marstons but I was impressed with the EPA and even though I wanted to hate Fast Cask it was just as good as traditional Cask.


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