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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Anniversary gifts

I am celebrating my 10th Wedding Anniversary today to my long suffering lovely wife. I am sure many of you guys can relate to how it helps to have an understanding spouse. My wife has always not only been tolerant but supportive of my passion. She takes an interest in the beers I sample and even has a taste herself even though she is in no way a beer drinker (strictly alcopops and Tia Maria.) She listen to me prattle on about beer trivia and does her best act of looking interested. She puts up with me taking over the kitchen when I am doing my brewing even though I know it grates to see my equipment and ingredients spread all over the worktops. She is also the Angel that balances out my Demon and keeps me on the straight and narrow. If I ever let the drinking become too excessive she is the voice of reason (or slap) that brings me back to my senses. She would probably prefer it if I was a tee-totaller and she didn't concern herself with my drinking habits but she accepts that will never be the case. To top off all of this as an Anniversary present she has bought me a case of beer from the wonderful people at Beers of Europe. I have an interesting mix of styles and a range of brewers new to me for me to sample and I will be writing my reviews as I 'work' my way through them. I thank my Angel for putting up with me for 10 years and I hope you can put up with me for 10 more and beyond.

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