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Thursday, 27 May 2010

The further demise of Bass

This article in the Times reports of how the monster that is AB Inbev are looking to offload the brand that was once synonymous with British brewing. The distinctive red triangle logo that the ale is recognisable by boasts the record of being the countries first trademark. Bass Pale Ale was sold throughout the British empire and was the biggest beer on sale in the world during it's heyday. The company grew bigger throughout the 20th century buying out many other breweries and merged with Charrington United Breweries to become Bass Charrington. Bought out by AB Inbev (Interbrew at the time of purchase) Bass Pale Ale has been brewed under license by Marstons. The brand has suffered from a lack of marketing and a lack of interest from the massive lager producing company and now faces the final indignity of being palmed off again to whoever comes up with the asking price of 10-15 million. Marstons have announced that they won't be bidding and there has been a luke warm responses from other areas of the industry. Is this another nail in the coffin of an ale that helped make Burton the brewing capital or is a saviour waiting in the wings?

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