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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Baby For Beer

Mans baby for beer swap
'A MAN was so desperate for a drink he offered to swap his baby for two bottles of BEER.

He now faces a child endangerment charge for allegedly offering to strike the deal for the three-month old baby girl.'
Now there are times when I feel like I could 'kill for a beer' but not literally and even though my kids can get on my wick at times I don't think I would give them up for just a couple of beers, it would take at least a case! Seriously though having kids should be reason enough to keep yourself on the straight and narrow when it comes to your drinking but to actually try to swap one for a couple of beers is beyond comprehension.
Maybe we should take this story with a pinch of salt, it may transpire that there is more to it than is being reported. The worrying thing though is this is perfect amunition for the neo-prohibitionists to highlight 'the evils of drink' The thing that makes this story reportable matter is how shocking it actually is and the reason it is so shocking is that it is a one-off. We all know this doesn't reflect the vast majority of drinkers but it will be cited in some corners as evidence of the path that drinking leads you down. The only suprising thing is that a picture of real ale wasn't used!


  1. It's the Sun with a story about what 'mad Americans' get up to ~ doubly dubious. If it's true, he needs urgent help rather than condemnation. I think even anti-alcohol crusaders would hesitate to quote the Sun as evidence. It would be like using Herod as a child care champion.

    Good luck with the blog!

  2. I accept your point about quoting the Sun RedNev although this article did feature in several other publications. This may not do too much damage on it's own but peice it together with other dubious stories and the crusaders might start getting vocal. Love the comparison with Herod as a child care champion!
    Cheers for the support.


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