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Monday, 14 June 2010

Beer Genie

No I havent found a magic lamp and summoned one up (that search still goes on.) This is the name of a new website put together by the BBPA (British Beer and Pub Association) to promote a positive image of beer. This comes at a time when beer has been attacked in many quarters and associated with the 'binge drinking culture' that is supposedly threatening our country. You have to respect what the BBPA are trying to do here with a site that Director of brewing Andy Tighe says 'It’s all about trying to present beer in a better light and is part of our new strategy of getting on the front foot and being more positive. Beer is a sociable product and a low alcohol option and we wanted to re-awaken that sociability factor. This is not about brands it is about beer as a category'
Beer Genie is very user friendly and covers different topics such as beer history, beer facts and beer & entertaining. This is a great site for newbies looking to increase their knowledge of beer and also a good reference for news on events. Have a look at

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