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Thursday, 24 June 2010

It's the Beer Wot Won it!

There is a story circulating this morning that the secret behind Englands success yesterday was the players having a beer the night before the game. Fabio Cappello told reporters after yesterdays victory "I did something different. Yesterday evening, they drank beer. You can ask them."  Frank Lampard said that most players were wary of Capello's treat. And he said: "You don't have ten beers, you just have one."
Now it's hard to see what difference one beer would make to the players. It certainly wouldn't make any difference to their physical state. I do believe it was a good move by Cappello to let them have a beer together because their is no better way to relax than to have a beer. More essentially though having a beer together creates unity and would help to build team spirit. We all know their is nothing more social than having a beer with your mates/associates and I hope the players are allowed to continue to partake in this activity. Cappello may even let them have two!


  1. There's nowt like lout to sort you out. Capello must know what every sunday league player knows, you play better after a pint of lout.

  2. Capello let them have one beer and they won one nil.
    I reckon if he gives them five beers on Saturday night we'll stuff those Germans five nil!

    Fucking Come On!!!!!!!

  3. Don't you play for Chile Sanchez?


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