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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hook Norton fall foul of FIFA

More World Cup related posting. This story in the Publican reports on how the Oxfordshire breweries limited edition Striker beer has caused a stir with the football governing body. The caption 'Brewed to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2010' is what has caused the stir even though only 8 firkins were sold before the pumpclips were changed. FIFA's legal team are looking into the matter but Hook Norton have not been contacted over the issue. This probably amount to anything now they have corrected their 'oversight' but the question is who reported them? I can't see many FIFA delegates drinking in any of Hook Nortons 50 pubs so someone has obviously gone out of their way to bring the matter to their attention. This must be a very sad individual who would go to that length or possibly a drinker of 'the beer of the world cup' who is worried that Striker may dent the sales of the humble little brewer AB-InBev.

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  1. It'll probably be carlsberg who's "dobbed" them in!


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