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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Another Tax Hike

Alcohol prices look set to rise again, as the Treasury considers increasing the tax on alcohol by another 5% in the emergency budget next week. With VAT going up by 5% also the increase is set to reach about 20p a pint. This comes of the back of Labours 5% rise back in March.
The BBPA said: ‘A beer tax plus VAT increase would see the price of a pint rocket by 20 pence on the eve of England’s third group game against Slovenia on 23 June. Such a move would spell disaster for thousands of community pubs and for Britain’s brewing industry,’ BBPA added.
CAMRA, the Society of Independent Brewers and the British Beer and Pub Association have come together for the first time to call for a beer tax freeze to help community pubs. Give your support to them by visiting this site Back The Pub and lobby the chancellor.

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