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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Beer Demon Pale Ale

This is the first review of one of my own creations, I won't score it because I am hardly impartial but I will try to be honest in my assessment. This rich golden ale was brewed with pale malt, a little honey malt and some torrefied wheat for body. Hopped with Amarillo and Willamette I also added honey blossom to the boil.
It pours with a good fizz but the head is very short lived which is disapointing as I hoped the torrified wheat would help head retention. The nose is dominated by orange from the blossom and there is a lovely honey sweetness coming through. I was hoping for a good kick from the hops but they are more subtle. They still provide a pleasant spicy citruis flavour and a satisfying moderate bitterness. The mouthfeel is quite dry  and allows for speedy supping. This is definitely one for a hot summers day and very sessionable at an abv of about 4%.


  1. I am not the most experienced beer reviewer but I would gladly give it ago. Your honey beer was good stuff. You need to open a brewery or pub and get me a job there!

  2. I'll give you a job Dave as lomg as you are prepared to be paid in beer!

  3. I've had this beer and may i say it's lovely!

    Although DJ is a good friend of mine and i may appear biased but this beer is seriously good.
    I could easily see this alongside any golden beer at a beer festival and in this weather it's perfect! It's a shame he only gave me one bottle (well two,but he dropped the first one on the way to work)

    I love seeing someone with a passion for something and i really hope DJ can produce more beers and progress further up the brewing chain! He really has got an eye for it! Or should that be taste?

  4. Thanks for the review maff it's nice to enjoy your own beer but it makes it special when others enjoy it too. I am not sure you had to mention the bottle dropping incident though.

  5. Tried this last night and it was a beauty! I am fairly new to real ales and although I like to think I have sampled a good selection I still have trouble picking out the specific tastes and smells of each beer.

    So I will just say its a great tasting beer that I could easily have a session on and would happily buy it over alot of the other pale ales that are on sale. Its got good colour, nice smell, great taste and easy drinking.

    Keep up the good work Beer Demon and keep these awesome beers coming!


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